This one isn't difficult - if you're willing to spend 50 pims on preparation, you organize a Picnic for your friends. For 18 turns thereafter, your Intimidation is reduced by 1 point, but your Charm is Increased by 1. Moreover, if you're sufficiently Charming and attentive to Conversation during the picnic itself, you can permanently Expand a Relationship of your choice by 1 point - and perhaps more satisfyingly, the relationship between one of your Clique and one of your Rivals is reduced by 1.


  • Decrease Bully - Intimidation -1
  • Increase Charm +1
  • Expand Money (-50)
  • Expand Choice of Relationship Student +1
  • Expand Relationship (Clique member) - Rival (-1)

Action Types

  • Clique
  • Beneficial

Duration: 18


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