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The ash tree is a beautiful tree that grows on the middle-height islands of Elumia. Its beauty does not explain why it is so frequently used, however; for that one need simply to look at its quality and its worth. Beyond that, this plank of ash wood also has an affinity for the Sonorous, Music, Vibrate Echo, and Solid Phemes.

Item Type

Forge/Workstation Materials - Wood

Durability Type: Durable

Durability: 10

Size: 1

Concealability: 2

Worth: 65

Recipe Information

Quality: 3

Enchant Skill



  • Music (Value - 1)
  • Echo (Value - 1)
  • Vibrate (Value - 1)
  • Sonorous (Value - 1)
  • Solid (Value - 0)

Gained From