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Region: Academagia[]

Exploration Difficulty: 13[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Professor Avetyrare's magic is showy and fun to cast, and deep down inside, the Professor harbors a small amount of resentment for not being able to teach as much as she'd like to of the kinds of magic she prefers. When she finds a like-minded student, she often showers that student with enough affection to bring that student's knowledge up to a level far surpassing their peers. While this may cause a bit of jealousy among the students, Professor Aventyrare doesn't really care; after all, if she finally found someone to teach the best king of magic to, what's a little bit of angst to her?


Visit Professor Aventyrare's Private Office[]

Visitors to Professor Aventyrare's office are rare; those few who do visit will walk away with an Expanded Study Level (+1) in Revision, a 1 point Expansion to a random Revision Subskill, and a 1 point Expansion to his or her Relationship with the Professor. The tradeoff is a 1 point Expansion in Stress and the loss of 1 point from a random relationship with another student in her class.

  • Add Visitation Rights
  • Expand Revision Study Level +1
  • Expand random Revision +1
  • Expand Instructor Relationship (Aventyrare) +1
  • Expand Stress +1
  • Expand random Relationship (-1)

Unlocked by[]