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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Professor Sido loves languages and wishes he could interest his students in languages more than he has power to; getting them to listen to his lectures is never a problem, not when he keeps sprinkling in anecdotes from his travels, but students just don't want to hear sampling of the languages he's heard on the islands he's traveled to. Realizing that it wasn't his place to try and 'force' his love of language on his students, Professor Sido declared that anyone who wished tutoring in languages should show up at a certain time outside of his regular office hours. Once there, he would proceed to teach them random snippets of another language in an attempt to find one they enjoyed learning thus giving them a chance to learn something together at another time. Sadly, not many students ever take him up on his generous offer of time and intelligence.


Attend a Tutoring Session with Professor Sido (Active)[]

Professor Sido is more than willing to tutor a stufent who shows enough interest in learning languages of any kind; therefore, visiting him during his speclal tutoring hours will allow him to Expand one's command of two random Languages by one Skill Step each. Moreover, after your first session, open Visitation Rights will be formally extended, removing the risk of interference from other professors. Every visit will also Expand the Relationship between the two of you - he's one of the friendlier teachers on the campus.

  • Expand two Random Language subskills (+1 SS)
  • Add Visitation Rights

Unlocked by:[]