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The addition of the Projection Pheme to a spell or item will give a 1 point Increase to one's Insight attribute. Its difficultly level is 3.

The Projection Pheme is generally used in spells that require unseen things; in practical terms, any spell involving invisibility, hidden objects/persons, or even thought is likely to have this Pheme as part of it. It is also useful in spells that create a cisual compoenent such as Project Form, which allows wizards to 'copy' a set of Forms already in existence. The Projection Pheme by itself gives greater insight, but has little physical use.

Difficulty: 3[]

Possible Effects[]

Spell Types[]

  • Protection (Magnitude = 3)
  • Air (Magnitude = 2)
  • Light (Magnitude = 1)
  • Opposition Obfuscate (Magnitude = 3)

Unlocked by[]