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Prudence Cossins

College: Durand

Familiar: Cutter the Collier Owl

Prudence seems as if she’s competing to be the wildest girl in the school. She talks back to all the professors and she’s always picking fights with the other girls. People say she fights with the boys, too -- she actually hits them! The rumor is that they are all scared of Prudence, too. She’s that bad. She’s especially hostile if you address her by name.

Prudence despises her name. Prudence tries to exhibit any quality but that. She doesn’t do her homework, she doesn’t study for tests, she wanders about late at night and she generally works to propagate her naughty image as much as she can in the hopes that one day, she can nab a nickname of some sort. Just anything but Prudence.

Ability: Pick Fight[]

Prudence does as Prudence wishes to do, and when she wants to pick a fight, she’ll pick one! When she does, her Relationship with a random professor takes a hit, but one of her classmates is usually willing to stick up for her and be a better friend afterwards.

Clique Ability: Protective Sphere[]

Using her ‘bad girl’ reputation to help her, Prudence can actually increase a person’s Confidence (+2), Danger Sense (+1), Awareness (+1), and Luck (+1) for several days.


Arithmetic, Botany, Dialectic, Grammar, Negation, Rhetoric

Good skills[]

Courage, Insult, Intimidation, Satyric Revelry

Base Attributes[]

Fitness: 3, Finesse: 2, Charm: 2, Strength: 3, Intelligence: 1, Insight: 2, Luck: 1

Personality Preferences[]

Likes: Expand Bully, Expand Conspicuousness, Expand (-1) Merit - Durand, Expand Stress - Random Student

Dislikes: Study, Expand Flattery, Expand Befriend


  • Rebel without a Pause (Insult, Satyric Revelry, Explore, Money)
  • Lashing Out (Bully, Stress - Random Student)
  • Wuv. Twue Wuv. (Flirting, Opposite Sex)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)
  • Know the School (Explore)

Adventure: The Talented Misfit[]

Unlocked by Relationship with Prudence Cossins > 2.