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On a successful, extremely difficult Insight/Mastery Methods Roll (v. 21), Puppet Master allows the caster to seize Control of an entire Clique for three days at a time - drawing enough power from the victims to Increase each of his or her own Attributes by 2 points along the way. Note that every successful casting permanently reduces a wizard's Ethics by a full level.

The most ruthless of all Mastery spells, Puppet Master is considered a myth because of its enormous power. Even students and instructors who train at the secret Mastery Schools are unaware of this spell. It is not enough to understand Mastery or be good at it--one must excel at a level beyond elite status to use Puppet Master.

The School of Mastery was proscribed because of spells such as this. Some spells are too powerful to exist.


Action Types[]

  • Beneficial
  • Hostile

Spell Types[]

  • Fugue
  • Mastery
  • Modus Operandi


Duration: 18[]

Duel Cost: 0.50[]

Unlocked by[]

  • unknown