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Users of the Reason Pheme will enjoy a 2% Increase to their Chance of Success with any Question Actions. Its difficulty level is 1.

Only by reason can one expect to achieve understanding; so said the master of reason himself, Chauranglaith. Considered by most learned men and women to be separated from the New Gods by nothing more than parentage, Chauranglaith influenced every single philosopher who came after him, and even some who came before him! His appearance on the philosophical stage at the tender age of eleven astounded the middle-aged Oleapia, who demanded the young upstart study under him and learn the 'true path' of philosophy. Chauranglaith agreed on the sole condition that Oleapia would spend as much time learning under him as he was to spend learing under Oleapia. Seeing no downside to the agreement, Oleapia asked who would go first; Chauranglaith replied that he would teach first as a lesson in humility to his elder. Grinning, Oleapia accepted the deal. Chauranglaith then informed Oleapia that, since they had not specified a length of time during which each would teach, he would simply teach until he ran out of things to say and then turn himself over to Oleapia. Stunned, Oleapia realized that his reasoning was sound and committed himself to studying whatever Chauranglaith taught him for the remainder of his life.

Difficulty: 1

Possible Effects

  • Increase Chance of Success at: Question +2%

Spell Types

  • Thought (Magnitude = 3)
  • Logic (Magnitude = 3)
  • Reason (Magnitude = 3)
  • Feeling (Magnitude = 0)