Research (Action) enables you to expand your knowledge of various skills that you have come across during your year at the Academagia. While the first nine levels of each field of research only teaches you lore, the last (tenth) level will provide you with a worthwhile bonus.

List of Research Topics

Research Topic: Location discovered (prerequisite): Research bonus (Level 10):
Accounting Imperial Palace: Treasury Records Room +1 Intelligence
Acrobatics Quintana Gym +1 Finesse
Acting Spavia Theater: Stage +1 Luck
Administration Imperial Palace: Mercantile Society Main Office +1 Administration Skill Maximum
Aesthetics Emperor's Wand Room +1 Charm
Agriculture Gahn Cradle's Green Market +1 Agriculture Skill Maximum
Alchemical Tools Ballos: Guild of Alchemy Hall +1 Finesse
Ambush Malporin Library +1 Insight
Amphibians The Hall of Creatures +1 Amphibians Skill Maximum
Analyze Wet-Stone +1 Analyze Skill Maximum
Anatomy Pollo Swerzin's Art Studio +1 Intelligence
Animal Husbandry Academagia: Stables +1 Animal Husbandry Skill Maximum
Anthropology Imperial Palace: Tapestry Room +1 Anthropology Skill Maximum
Applications of Arithmetic Renazlian Regional Bank +1 Intelligence
Archaeology The Wyrm Yurarauth Archaeological Dig  +1 Archaeology Skill Maximum
Archery Archery Range +1 Archery Skill Maximum
Architecture Academagia: Bell Tower Interior +1 Intelligence
Arithmetic Thogrin Sitenkai’s Study +1 Intelligence
Armorer Imperial Palace: Armory +1 Strength
Art Ballos: Visual Arts Museum +1 Insight
Art Appreciation Imperial Palace: Museum of Masters +1 Art Appreciation Skill Maximum
Artisan Earth Sprite Nest +1 Artisan Skill Maximum
Astrology Academagia Groundskeeper's Office +1 Luck
Astronomy The Observatory of Verus: Observation Windows +1 Intelligence
Athletics Calomantia's Gym: Athletics Room +1 Fitness
Awareness Chorda Peak +1 Awareness Skill Maximum
Baking Esther Zohan's Baking Cubby +1 Baking Skill Maximum
Bassan Culiman's Shack +1 Bassan Skill Maximum
Befriend Academagia: Dining Hall +1 Charm
Beguile The Venalicium Library: Tutor's Desk The Rogue's Company (Ability)
Biology Samples Warehouse +1 Biology Skill Maximum
Birds The Aviaria +1 Birds Skill Level
Blackmail Ballos: Specialized Studies Center +1 Charm
Bluff Privateer Feng’s: Back Room Dice Game +1 Intelligence
Bookbinding Imperial Palace: Grand Library +1 Bookbinding Skill Maximum
Botany Ballos: Botanist Guild Hall +1 Insight
Brew Professor Leith's A.C.C. Station +1 Finesse
Brute Strength Manalian Gymnasium +1 Strength
Bully Nugen’s Alley +1 Strength
Bureaucracy Imperial Palace: Room of Decrees +1 Bureaucracy Skill Maximum
Calligraphy Scriptorium +1 Finesse
Carpentry Academagia: Hallway +1 Carpentry Skill Maximum
Cartography The Venalicium Library: Map Room +1 Cartography Skill Maximum
Character Admissions Office +1 Character Skill Maximum
Character Study Artist's Studio +1 Charm
Chemistry Potions Room +1 Fitness
Chirurgery Village Chirurgery Room +1 Intelligence
Civil Law Stenephan Pastis’ Court: Observation Galley +1 Civil Law Skill Maximum
Climb Morrie's Climbing Room +1 Climb Skill Maximum
Clockwork Sprite Workshop +1 Clockwork Skill Maximum
Comets Estwort Astrological Academy +1 Comets Skill Maximum
Command Aesmos Historical Society +1 Insight
Compete Trophy Storage Room +1 Fitness
Competition Auncesay Gaming Fields +1 Competition Skill Maximum
Composure Privateer Feng's Gentle Parlor +1 Finesse
Conceal Run Down Classroom +1 Conceal Skill Maximum
Concentration Study Cubicle +1 Concentration Skill Maximum
Confidence Ballos: Traders Guild +1 Charm
Conversation Ballos: News Stand +1 Charm
Cooking The Kitchen of the Academy: Sous Chef Station +1 Finesse
Coordination Mineta Shipyards: Assembly Yard +1 Coordination Skill Maximum
Cosmetics Miranda's Beauty Club +1 Cosmetics Skill Maximum
Courage Path of Fire +1 Courage Skill Maximum
Court Fashion Brantagen Courtyard +1 Courtly Fashion Skill Maximum
Court Hairstyles Brantagen Courtyard +1 Court Hairstyles Skill Maximum
Criminal Law Daribus Conley's Court: Observation Gallery +1 Criminal Law Skill Maximum
Cryptology Professor Storey's Office: Professor's Desk +1 Insight
Dance Avendra’s Studio +1 Insight
Danger Sense Admiratio: Overlook +1 Danger Sense Skill Maximum
Dating The Roses of Coventia +1 Dating Skill Maximum
Debate Debate Club Meeting +1 Insight
Deceit Campus of Sendus +1 Luck
Decipher Handwriting Academagia: Professor's Lounge +1 Decipher Handwriting Skill Maximum
Dedication The Hall of Professors +1 Intelligence
Demi-Tour Duelling Grounds +1 Finesse
Dialectic Artiglio Tower +1 Intelligence
Diction Professor Violante de Canapiedra's Desk +1 Diction Skill Maximum
Diplomacy Prefect Vorsha's Castle at Lunn +1 Charm
Drafting Hattington's Architectural Ministry +1 Intelligence
Drive Carriage Godina Park: Carriage Station +1 Drive Carriage Skill Maximum
Duel The Duelling Bridge +1 Finesse
Duel Conduct Spavia Theater: Duel Circle +1 Finesse
Duelling Circles Duelling Grounds: Apex +1 Finesse
Duelling Forms Duelling Grounds: Apex Squared +1 Duelling Forms Skill Maximum
Economy Mineta Imperial Docks +1 Intelligence
Elumian Professor Sido’s Office +1 Intelligence
Empathy The Great Hall Lore
Enchant Gorithnak's Personal Workstation +1 Insight
Endurance Calomania's Gym: Professor Massioti's Office +1 Fitness
Engineering Handyman's Shop +1 Intelligence
Enspell Academagia: Great Hall Entrance +1 Finesse
Escape Artist Old Stockades +1 Luck
Espionage The Station of the Quiet Girl +1 Luck
Ethics Far West Rune Society +1 Ethics Skill Maximum
Etiquette Imperial Palace: Dining Hall +1 Etiquette Skill Maximum
Explore Imperial Palace: Tapestry Room - Map Tapestries +1 Luck
Famous Battles Battle-Scored Fields of Far West +1 Famous Battles Skill Maximum
Famous Dilemmas Chauranglaith Path: The Lone Pine +1 Famous Dilemmas Skill Maximum
Famous Geometry Problems Ballos: Arithmancy Guild +1 Famous Geometry Problems Skill Maximum
Famous Poetry Hanging Poet's Tree +1 Famous Poetry Skill Maximum
Famous Prose Grove of Rocks +1 Famous Prose Skill Maximum
Famous Songs Dimmae Theater: Secluded Attic +1 Famous Songs Skill Maximum
Famous Speeches Mock Battlefields +1 Famous Speeches Skill Maximum
Filing Library at Lunn Replica +1 Insight
First Principles Oleapia’s Shrine +1 First Principles Skill Maximum
Fish Stables of Edon-Arain: Administrative +1 Fish Skill Maximum
Flattery Prefect Vorsha's Castle at Lunn: Courtyard +1 Charm
Forge Smithy Forge +1 Strength
Forgery Forgotten Records Cubby +1 Forgery Skill Maximum
Forms Graffiti Closet +1 Forms Skill Maximum
Flawless Timing Prince Ecthian's Summer Castle +1 Flawless Timing Skill Maximum
Flirting Academagia: Ballroom Main Stage +1 Charm
Flowers Carlitae's Flowers +1 Insight
Gambling Privateer Feng’s: Back Room Card Game +1 Gambling Skill Maximum
Gates Decimus' Hidden Workshop +1 Fitness
Gates Methods Academagia: Fence +1 Gates Methods Skill Maximum
Gates Phemes Circle of Broken Stones +1 Gates Phemes Skill Maximum
Geometric Laws Geometrist Greggo's House +1 Geometric Laws Laws Skill Maximum
Geometry The House of Shapes +1 Intelligence
Glamour Almgeni Academy +1 Charm
Glamour Methods Glamour Classroom: Professor's Podium +1 Glamour Methods Skill Maximum
Glamour Phemes Glamour Classroom: Back of Room +1 Glamour Phemes Skill Maximum
Glamour Spells Glamour Classroom: Front of Room +1 Glamour Spells Skill Maximum
Gossip Socio Park +1 Intelligence
Grammar Maccotio's Library +1 Intelligence
Greengrocery Farmer's Market +1 Finesse
Harpsichord Academagia: Public Practice Room #4 +1 Insight
Heraldry Imperial Institute of Heraldry +1 Charm
Hide Academagia: Vegetable Garden +1 Hide Skill Maximum
History Jhonass Park +1 Intelligence
Honor of Mallen Field The Mallen-Star +1 Honor of Mallen Field Skill Maximum
Identities of Arithmetic Professor Valenta’s Back Office +1 Intelligence
Illustration Illumination Cubicle +1 Illustration Skill Maximum
Incantation Ruins of Enlightenment Camp +1 Finesse
Incantation Methods Harglass Park +1 Finesse
Incantation Phemes Natto's Shoppe: Back Room +1 Incantation Phemes Skill Maximum
Incantation Spells Callo's Tavern: Behind Bar +1 Incantation Spells Skill Maximum
Infiltration Furtha Military Academy +1 Infiltration Skill Maximum
Ink Compounds Art College of Duun +1 Ink Compounds Skill Maximum
Innuendo Onccio Dinner Hall +1 Intelligence
Insects The Insectarium +1 Insects Skill Maximum
Instinct Celsus' Maze +1 Insight
Insult The House Made of Words +1 Strength
Interrogation Imperial Interrogation Suite: Room 5 +1 Strength
Intrigue The City of Metropli +1 Intrigue Skill Maximum
Intimidation Jillin Tavern +1 Intimidation Skill Maximum
Jeweler Brisbane the Gemologist's Shop +1 Jeweler Skill Maximum
Journalism Pikola Observer +1 Journalism Skill Maximum
Knots Hall of the Pages +1 Knots Skill Maximum
Knowledge of Materials Vernin Grand Forge +1 Materials Knowledge Skill Maximum
Language Ardica Rose Publishing House +1 Intelligence
Law Lesser Court of Civil Law +1 Intelligence
Leadership Godina Park: Merrick's Statue +1 Leadership Skill Maximum
Legacy of Many Towers The Old Vernin Message Board +1 Legacy of Many Towers Skill Maximum
Library Knowledge The Library of Longshade +1 Insight
Lie Mento Pub +1 Insight
Lip Reading Dimmae Theater: Cheap Seats +1 Lip Reading Skill Maximum
Listen Campus of Sendus A Shoulder to Cry On (Ability)
Lockpick Professor Leith's Personal Supply Room +1 Lockpick Skill Maximum
Logic The Broken Statue of Pal +1 Logic Skill Maximum
Logistic King Ulstian’s Castle +1 Insight
Lute Spavia Theater: Musician's Overlook +1 Lute Skill Maximum
Lyre Academagia: Ballroom Main Stage +1 Lyre Skill Maximum
Magical Appraisal Brisbane the Gemologist's Shop +1 Insight
Malice Larko's Shop +1 Luck
Mammals Pertion Zoo +1 Mammals Skill Maximum
Manipulation Havenafore's Shoppe +1 Finesse
Manner of a Champion Academagia: Nanteredal's Headstone Lore
Mastery Library of the Forbidden +1 Fitness
Mastery Methods Mineta Docks: Loading Station +1 Fitness
Mastery Phemes The Venalicium Library: Advanced Spells Section +1 Mastery Phemes Skill Maximum. Also Informs Mastery Phemes at level 9.
Mastery Spells The Slipped Crown 9 Lores
Materials Knowledge Vernin Grand Forge +1 Materials Knowledge Skill Maximum
Memorization Blackburn Inn +1 Memorization Skill Maximum
Mental Bridging Vault of the Voices Lore
Merilien Chef’s Guild Hall: Roof Cubby +1 Merilien Skill Maximum
Metallurgy Fire Lake +1 Metallurgy Skill Maximum
Mimicry Admiratio: Vegetable Market +1 Mimicry Skill Maximum
Moons The House of Stars and Sky +1 Moons Skill Maximum
Move Silently Academagia Refuse +1 Insight
Music The Henna Ilyon Music Room +1 Insight
Music Theory Spavia Theater: Orchestra Pit +1 Music Theory Skill Maximum
Natural Philosophy Museum of Man +1 Intelligence
Navigation Imperial Palace: Hall of Elumia +1 Navigation Skill Maximum
Negation Academagia: Gym of the Mind +1 Fitness
Negation Methods Academagia: Infirmary +1 Negation Methods Skill Maximum
Negation Phemes Academagia: Hallway Window +1 Negation Phemes Skill Maximum
Negation Spells House of Elmore Phynes +1 Negation Spells Skill Maximum
Negotiate Admiratio: Auctioneers' Platform +1 Negotiate Skill Maximum
Notation Path of Musical Chimes +1 Notation Skill Maximum
Observation Hullurian Lighthouse +1 Observation Skill Maximum
Oncestrian Oncestrian Musician's Annex +1 Oncestrian Skill Maximum
Oratory The Great Gate of the Academagia +1 Oratory Skill Maximum
Orthography Academagia: Administration Office +1 Finesse
Painting Celsus Maze: Observation Point +1 Insight
Palettes Imperial Palace: Tapestry Room +1 Insight
Passion The Hall of Mirrors +1 Passion Skill Maximum
Patience Invigorens Arbor +1 Luck
Perception The Lookout Tower +1 Luck
Perfumes Donatella Perfumery +1 Perfumes Skill Maximum
Persuasion The Ballamenti Museum +1 Insight
Phemes Runes of the Old World +1 Phemes Skill Maximum
Piety Admiratio: Beggar’s Corner +1 Insight
Planets The Planetary Council +1 Planets Skill Maximum
Planning Harpo's House +1 Planning Skill Maximum
Playfulness Retolian Playground +1 Playfulness Skill Maximum
Plot Gamers' Guild +1 Intelligence
Poisons Mettonal's Liquid Shop +1 Finesse
Politics Public Square +1 Charm
Practical Jokes The House Made of Words: Backstage +1 Practical Jokes Skill Maximum
Prayer Durand's Prayer Grove +1 Insight
Properties of Arithmetic Arithmetic Classroom +1 Intelligence
Pure Luck Callo's Tavern +1 Pure Luck Skill Maximum
Puzzles Academagia: Block Puzzle +1 Puzzles Skill Maximum
Raid Fort Anreh +1 Strength
Rallying The Athletic Fields Lore
Reason Philosopher’s Walk: Oleapia’s Plaque +1 Reason Skill Maximum
Recipes Chef Limbatt's Bistro +1 Recipes Skill Maximum
Religion House of Elements +1 Insight
Research The Venalicium Library: Forbidden Archives +1 Intelligence
Revision Rune Master House +1 Intelligence
Revision Methods Lainworthian Revisional Society +1 Intelligence
Revision Phemes Aldos Memorial +1 Revision Phemes Skill Maximum
Revision Spells The Ozelgoth Guild +1 Revision Spells Skill Maximum
Rhetoric Public Square: Podium +1 Charm
Riding Stables of Edon-Arain: Horse Stables +1 Riding Skill Maximum
Rimbal Rimbal Field +1 Fitness
Rimbal Plays Rimbal Field: Benches +1 Fitness
Rimbal Positions Rimbal Field: Stands +1 Fitness
Rimbal Tactics Rimbal Field: Locker Room +1 Rimbal Tactics Skill Maximum
Romance Ardica Lake +1 Charm
Roots Compost Pile +1 Insight
Running Siegel's Circle +1 Running Skill Maximum
Sabotage The Swill House: Back Room +1 Luck
Satyric Revelry Satyrius +1 Satyric Revelry Skill Maximum
Schoolyard Education Auxiliary Athletic Fields Lore
Scouting The Imperial Reserve Lore
Seeds Unclaimed Fields +1 Insight
Semantics Public Square Park +1 Intelligence
Serenity Cobblestone Path to Nowhere Lore
Sewing Lorrie's Thread House +1 Charm
Sleight-of-Hand Academagia: Alley Behind Dorms +1 Finesse
Sleuthing The Forum of Naxum +1 Sleuthing Skill Maximum
Society Rambuxia Social Hall +1 Insight
Spy Bel Alze Tower +1 Insight
Stars Collington Observatory +1 Luck
Storytelling Hall of Stories +1 Charm
Strategy The War Room +1 Insight
Swimming Lake Ruen +1 Swimming Skill Maximum
Synchronicity Gressel's Medications Lore
Syntax The Venalicium Library: Advanced Spells Section +1 Syntax Skill Maximum
Tactics The Museum of War +1 Tactics Skill Maximum
Tease Jorndathal's Circus: Freak Show +1 Tease Skill Maximum
Temperance Resto Town +1 Charm
The Beastmasters Professor Pachait's Reading Room +1 Insight (Familiar), +1 Luck (Familiar)
The Calamities Godina Park: Evacuation Flotilla +1 Intelligence
The Captivity of Man Jhonass Librarium +1 The Captivity of Man Skill Maximum
The Diary of Edward Lamont The Venalicium Library +1 Charm
The Early Empire The Venalicium Library: Tutor's Desk +1 Intelligence
The Exile Godina Park: Statue of the Unknown Soldier +1 Intelligence
The Great Lecture Hall at Schohanwicht The Schohanwicht School: The Great Lecture Hall 2 Lores
The History of Magic Salt Tower of Selamor +1 The History of Magic Skill Maximum
The Lore of Mallen Field The Mallen-Star +1 Honor of Mallen Field Skill Maximum
The Memoirs of Silverfox The Library of Alais + 1 Vitality Maximum
The Middle Empire Godina Park: Marcus of the Helm's Statue +1 Intelligence
The Minds of Men The Venalicium Library: Restricted Section bug (+1 Anthropology skill max intended?)
The Second Captivity Godina Park: Icanyke's Statue +1 Intelligence
The Obranabú Library The Schohanwicht School: The Obranabú Library 4 Lores
Theater Dimmae Theater: Stage +1 Insight
Theology The House of Philosophy: Theology Wing +1 Theology Skill Maximum
Theory of Arithmetic The House of Numbers +1 Theory of Arithmetic Skill Maximum
Theory of Astrology Athro Planetarium +1 Theory of Astrology Skill Maximum
Theory of Enchantment Professor Leith's Back Office +1 Theory of Enchantment Skill Maximum
Theory of Gates Rabirius' Shack +1 Theory of Gates Skill Maximum
Theory of Glamour Dressr's Cosmetics Shop +1 Theory of Glamour Skill Maximum
Theory of Incantation Incantation Classroom +1 Theory of Incantation Skill Maximum
Theory of Mastery Courtyard +1 Theory of Mastery Skill Maximum
Theory of Negation Negation Classroom +1 Theory of Negation Skill Maximum
Theory of Revision Academagia: Hallway +1 Theory of Revision Skill Maximum
Transport The Stumbling Oaf +1 Transport Skill Maximum
Traps Harrol Forest +1 Insight
Trigonometry Academagia: Sundial +1 Intelligence
Vilocian Mercenary Guild House +1 Vilocian Skill Maximum
Violin Bulinda Music House +1 Violin Skill Maximum
Voice Arcadius's Temple +1 Voice Skill Maximum
War Academagia: Fields of the Academagia +1 Insight
Weaponsmith Guard's Armory: Display Room +1 Weaponsmith Skill Maximum
Willpower Ardica Canal: Smuggler’s Bridge +1 Willpower Skill Maximum
Wit Dimmae Theater: Green Room +1 Wit Skill Maximum
Worldliness The Admiratio (Empire Market) Lore
Worms Locratian Garden +1 Worms Skill Maximum
Wrestling Calomantia's Gym: Wrestling Ring +1 Wrestling Skill Maximum
Zoology Academagia: Bestiary +1 Intelligence
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