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Revision of Skills Substitutes a Choice of Subskill for another Choice of Subskill, should the caster make a difficult Intelligence/Revision Roll (v. 12).

This Spell does not actually exchange two Skills, there will be no change on the interface's "Skills and Reserch" list.

It replaces the Subskill that is used for rolls by another, one direction only. Tah means, you keep the higher Subskill for all rolls governed by that Subskill.

In the menue, you have to select the Subskill you want use for the rolls involving the other Subskill FIRST,
then select the Subskill you don't want to use for rolls - because the other is higher - SECOND.

The Spell has NO effect at all on how you do in your Exams, so forget about that.


  • Substitute Choice of Subskill FOR ROLLS ONLY

Action Types[]

  • Beneficial

Spell Types[]

  • Revision


Duration: 12[]

Unlocked by[]