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Rimbal Accident[]

Walking across the campus of Academagia you pass a few students tossing around a rimball. As you innocently walk by the game, one of the smallest players - Zorzi Galea - is brutally showed in your direction. It's obvious he isn't going to catch his balance before running into you.


1. Brace yourself! This is going to hurt.

Automatic: Expand Befriend - Temperance +1 SS, -1 Vitality

2. Intelligence/Observation vs 5 - Evaluate the player coming at you.

Success: Increase Fitness +1, choose another option.
Failure: No effect, select another option.

3. Fitness/Athletics vs 4 - It will be close, but try to jump to the side.

Success: Expand Plot - Flawless Timing +1 SS
Failure: -1 Vitality

4. Fitness/Competition vs 4 - Grab the player and prevent him from falling.

Success: +1 Relationship with Zorzi Galea
Failure: -1 Vitality