Since you are a first year, your College plays a game called Royal Murder. The Senior Council get to come up with rules (that change every day) for how you can "kill" someone, meaning taking someoone out of the game. Of course, there' also a way to protect yourself so you cannot die - but those ways are always either embarassing, difficult to remember or next to impossible to do. Each person is assigned a target to kill and if they kill their target, they have to kill they target's person next. The last person who survives gets a prize. First day to kill someone is to poke them with your eand behind their back; to protect yourself, you must have your arms crossed at all times.


1. It's a stupid game, and you don't feel like playing.

Automatic: ?

2. Hunting vs 5 at least - Go on offense.

Success: ?
Failure: Stress +1

3. Danger sense vs 5 at least - Stay on defense.

Success: ?
Failure: ?
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