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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

The High Court of Administrative Appeals was created late in the days of Empire as a way to redirect all the howling peasants that were clogging up the conventional civil courts with complaints of bureaucratic abuse and institutional incompetence - in fact, its establishment rather famously helped to calm riots that had led to the burning of what was then called the Harper's Quarter of Mineta. Of course, the people responsible for it never meant for it to accomplish much for the citizenry: it was to be In the hands of the most junior magistrates (who would know not to make waves if they wanted to become senor magistrates), and its powers of sanction were originally limited to the compulsion of 50 pim fines and the occasional blatantly insincere public apology. The years since have not been kind to bureaucratic privilege, though, and today the Court is as powerful - and occasionally as recklessly populist - as it's ever been.

Magistrate Serra Quorro knows her work; she knows what it takes to keep corruption down in the former Empire, and she knows just how to tweak the incoming bureaucrats that have found their way into her court in such a fashion that it helps keep the others in line. The High Court of Administrative Appeals is where the civilized people of Elumia come to bring sult against their corrupt bureaucrats, be they local magistrates or Council Representatives. Simply observing the type of justice handed down in this room increases your own sense of ethics, though you are still free to choose your own path, of course. Through Quorro's questioning of the accusers and defenders, occasional glimpses of the truth can be seen, leading you to wonder what else is there to be found in this room?


Support the Clerk (Active)[]

Working for Federick Neelin, Serra Quorro's court clerk, will gain you 120 pims a shift, and will boost a random Law Subskill by a step. It'll also expand your Stress by 2 points, and may ultimately encourage you to take up a life of brute anarchy and crime.

Serra Quorro's Court (Passive)[]

Visitors to Serra Quorro's Courtroom - at least, those who are at liberty to relax and take in the scene - will Increase their Ethics, Debate and Civil Law Subskills (by 1 point, 1 point and 2 points respectively) for the duration of their stay.

Unlocked By[]