This is an adventure with Luti Jaconelli in which the hero gets to help Luti try to become a painter.

The adventure takes at least 6 sessions, a successful adventure can gain multiple skill-ups, relationship gains, and a point of intelligence or insight.

Unlocked by: Relationship with Luti Jaconelli > 4.

Stage 1: Setting the Artist Free

Phase 1: Luti's Dream

  • Acquiring the proper supplies
Automatic: Advance to Phase 2.

Phase 2: The Serving Girl

  • 1. Character Study. Find the girl and try to befriend her, in the hope that you'll learn something that might help you. Charm/Character Study v. 4
Success: unlock option 3, choose again
Failure: choose again
  • 2. Social Skills. You have a flair for parties; do the job yourself.  Charm/Social Skills v. 4.
Success: +1 Awareness, + Ability: Arrange a Party for Lady Consuela (+1 Planning SS, +1 Patience SS, +40 pims, +3 stress)
Failure: -1 Awareness
  • 3. Persuasion. Find the serving girl and convince her to come back to work. Lady Consuela looks like a cruel master, so you’ll need to be persuasive.  Charm/Persuation v. 4
Success: +1 Character Study.
Failure: +1 Stress
  • 4. Incantation Methods. You’re a relative novice at Incantation, but it should be enough for her. Offer to teach her some spells if she’ll go back and help Lady Consuela with her party.  Intelligence/Incantation Methods v. 4
Success: +1 Incantation Spells
Failure: +1 Stress

Stage 2: The Choice

  • 1. Investigate: Character Study. Determine Luti's style.  Fitness/Character Study v. 6
Success: Temporary +33 Chance of Success, choose again
Failure: choose again
  • 1. Choose Jean-Luc, a struggling young artist. No roll.  (Leads to "The Search for a Patron")
Automatic: +1 Art Appreciation, access Stage 3a.
  • 2. Art Appreciation. Choose Stefan, the famous master.  Fitness/Art Appreciation v. 6 (Leads to "The Roses")
Success: +1 Art Appreciation
Failure: -1 Character Study

Stage 3a: The Search for a Patron

  • 1. Investigate: Conversation. Dig around in the artistic community to see if you can figure something out.  Charm/Conversation v. 8
Success: Unlocks exit 3
Failure: Choose again
  • 2. Art Appreciation. The local lord is an avid art lover. Impress him with your knowledge of the subject and convince him Jean-Luc is worth supporting. (Leads to "The Ruins")  Intelligence/Art Appreciation v. 8
Success: +1 Art Appreciation 
Failure: +2 Stress
  • 3. Accounting. There are a lot of students at the Academagia. Enough to keep an artist busy with portraits and commissions for a long time. Go to the headmaster and use your grasp of economics to convince him that it would be a good money-saving move to hire Jean-Luc. Intelligence/Accounting v. 8 (Leads to "The Ruins")
Success: +1 Accounting
Failure: +2 Stress

Stage 3b: The Roses

  • 1. Library Knowledge. Research the roses in question to learn the best way to handle them.  Intelligence/Library Knowledge v. 12
Success:  Unlocks exit 3
Failure:  Choose again
  • 2. Sleight-of-Hand. You think you’ve seen roses like the ones in the portrait in one of your professor’s offices. If you’re good, maybe you can sneak it out to Stefan. Finesse/Sleight-of-Hand v. 12 (Leads to "The Ruins")
Success:  +2 Conceal
Failure:  -1 Merit
  • 2. Flowers. You know the school has these roses in the botanical gardens. With a fair knowledge of flowers, you might be able to bring Stefan a cutting. Intelligence/Flowers v. 12 (Leads to "The Ruins")
Success:  +2 Flowers
Failure:  -1 Merit

Stage 4: The Ruins

  • 1. Investigate: Insects. Watch the spiders to learn how best to kill them.  Fitness/Insects v. 14
  • Success: Unlocks exit 3 Failure: Choose again

  • 2. Incantation Phemes. You think you can blast the spiders out of there. You’ll need powerful Incantation magic to do it, though, or you’ll be running for your life.  Intelligence/Incantation Phemes v. 14
  • Success: +2 Incantation Methods Failure: -2 Vitality

    3. Poisons. Exterminate the spiders with a powerful poison. Intelligence/Poisons v. 14

    Success: +2 Poisons Failure: -2 Poisons

    Stage 5: The Inspirational Girl

    • 1. Investigate: Sleuthing. See if you can find out something about Vanessa that might help you.  Insight/Sleuthing v. 17
    Success:  +?
    Failure:  -?
  • 2. Romance. Romance is your middle name. Luti is sure that if you tell him what to say and show him how to act, he’ll have the courage to finally approach Vanessa. Of course, if you get it wrong, Luti just might die of embarrassment.  Charm/Romance v. 17
  • Success: +3 Romance Failure: -1 Romance +2 Stress 3. Glamour Spells. Luti just needs some confidence. You think you can use a few Glamour spells to help him find his inner leading man. It’s a risky operation, but you think it’s for the best.  Intelligence/Glamour Spells v. 17 Success: +3 Glamour Methods Failure: -3 Glamour Spells

  • 4. Voice. Nothing tugs at the heart like music. Write and perform a song that will convince Vanessa to be Luti’s muse.  Intelligence/Voice v. 20
  • Success: +1 Romance +1 Voice Failure: -2 Romance -2 Voice

    Stage 6: There's Nothing Like Word of Mouth

    1. Investigate: Sleuthing. Try to learn something that might help you get more people to Luti’s show.  Charm/Sleuthing v. 20

    Success: Increased Chance of Success, choose again
    Failure: Choose again
  • 2. Journalism. Write a glowing feature on Luti and his art for the school newspaper to get people interested and create some buzz around Luti’s first art show.  Intelligence/Journalism v. 20
  • Success: +1 Journalism +1 Intelligence Failure: -2 Journalism

  • 3. Planning. It’s all in the planning, and you’re a master planner. Get out there, make up a cartload of signs and flyers and get them into as many people’s hands as possible. Getting it all done on time will be a monumental task, but Luti’s counting on you.  Insight/Planning v. 20
  • Success: +1 Planning +1 Intelligence Failure: -2 Planning

  • 4. Baking. The best way to get students to show up somewhere is to offer them free food. You think you can bake up some cookies, cakes, and pies and entice people to come to see Luti’s show. But you’ll need a lot of food, and it’ll have to taste great or you’ll ruin it all.  Insight/Baking v. 20
  • Success: +1 Baking +1 Insight Failure: -3 Baking

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