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College: Godina

Familiar: Prettyboy the Royal Golden Ferret

Silke definitely stands out in House Godina despite her aversion to big, flashy magic spells. The typically subdued Godina students are now the peers of Miss Niederstatter, who has a keen eye for outlandish and opulent fashion and decor. She prides herself on being able to create extremely attention-grabbing arrangements out of a combined sum of light touches and minor changes, so that the overall effect of her work is one of great impact that does not cry out to be appreciated.

It should probably be added that Silke isn't one to be deterred when her reach exceeds her grasp - if there are dramatic effects she hopes to master, she'll keep trying them, no matter how often she fails. It's probably a genuinely admirable trait, even if it does occasionally result in discolored familiars.

Ability: Consideration of the Beautiful[]

Silke’s love of beautiful things has caused her to seek out both the physical and magical side of beauty; as such, she is better attuned to things like Aesthetics (+3), Glamour Methods (+2), Theory of Glamour (+2), and Glamour Spells (+2).

Clique Ability: High Spirits[]

Silke has a way about her that puts her friends into high spirits; those who she considers her closest of friends will note a Decrease in their Stress (-3) and Stress Minimum (-3), as well as Increases in their Stress Maximum (+4) and Fitness attribute (+1).


Athletics, Glamour, Incantation, Music, Negation, Rhetoric

Good skills[]

Art Appreciation, Playfulness, Sewing, Theory of Glamour

Base Attributes[]

Fitness: 1, Finesse: 2, Charm: 3, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 2, Insight: 3, Luck: 2

Personality Preferences[]

Likes: Expand Aesthetics, Expand Art Appreciation, Expand Playfulness

Dislikes: Damage, Hostile, Expand Athletics


  • Aesthete among the Lost (Aesthetics, Art, Glamour, Sewing)
  • Wuv. Twue Wuv. (Flirting, Opposite Sex)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)
  • Make Friends (Befriend, Relationships)

Adventure: Silke's Excitement[]