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The Sing-Song Spell is the bread and butter of all the world's more shameless - but magically talented - minstrelletti, a way to earn good will from a crowd by Glamouring a handful of participants into singing along with the main act. That said, it's a harmless Spell, and some people even volunteer to be caught up in it - despite the fact that it takes a fair amount of skill to target even one specific participant. A successful casting (with a successful Charm/Glamour Roll v. 6) will Expand four of your Relationships - three Random and one of your choosing - by 1 point each.


  • Expand Relationship of Choice +1
  • Expand random Relationship +1
  • Expand random Relationship +1
  • Expand random Relationship +1

Action Type[]

  • Beneficial

Spell Types[]

  • Music
  • Glamour


Duration: 30[]

Unlocked by[]