Siren might appear to be an intimidating pheme, but it is necessary for powerful Gates spells. It Increases its user's Gates and Gates Phemes Skills by 2 points each, and Increases his or her Chance of Success at Gates Spells by 3% as well. Its difficulty level is 7.

The Siren pheme is not for novice mages or those who lack confidence. Siren will make spells powerful and will draw wily and dangerous creatures to you. Those who don’t wish to enter the forbidden world of Gates should avoid it at all costs.

Difficulty: 7


Spell Types

  • Bone (Magnitude = 9)
  • Gates (Magnitude = 8)
  • Oneness (Magnitude = 3)
  • Opposition Banishing (Magnitude = 8)
  • Seduce (Magnitude = 5)
  • Summoning (Magnitude = 10)

Unlocked by

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