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The Laws of the City of Mineta are stringent, but the mercantile laws of the City are particularly harsh, and often arrange for the benefit of wealthy merchants and nobles. It is for this reason that even common goods, such as the fine papers of Giardo, or the truffles of the Porzianan forests -both less than 50 miles away- are prohibited by laws. This doesn't stop the demand for these kinds of luxury goods, however, and if you don't mind risking being caught the Instructors, you can make a pretty penny smuggling these goods.

By taking this Job, you can earn anywhere from 10-150 Pims (no Rolls - it's randomly determined), and gain 1 Skill Step Expansions to Silent Movement, to Infiltration, and to a random Economy Subskill. You also get 3 stress.


  • Earn Fee (10 - 150 pims)
  • Expand Infiltration
  • Expand Random Economy Subskill
  • Gain 3 stress

Unlocked by[]