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Spavia Theatre


Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 3[]

Built as it was for nobility more than the common people, the Spavia Theater: Orchestra Pit embodles this feel more than any other location in the theater. This area and this area alone belongs to the true stars of the show…the musiclans. Many a musician has found their skills tested and tried here, for when an actor improvises or flubs a line, so too must the musicians change their routine to keep up with the mistakes elsewhere.

Abilities (Active)[]

Hang out in Spavia Theater Orchestra Pit (Ability)[]

Hanging out in Spavia Theater Orchestra Pit is a good way to gain quick Expansions (of 1 SS each) to Music - Music Theory and random Music Subskill, and the musicians are generally really friendly about it. Of course, the ringing in your ears makes Listening a bit harder for the next couple of days...

Tour the Spavia (Ability)[]

Touring the Spavia will increase the Theatre and Awareness Subskills by one skill step each. You will also be informed of all the various locations within the Spavia Theater after taking the tour.

Unlocked by:[]