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Region: Imperial Reserve[]

Chance of Discovery: 4[]

The spiders of the Spinner's Grove are peaceful and easily frightened; no matter how quietly one sneaks up on them, the spiders are always bound to discover one's presence and shimmy away up the trees to their private nests. While one has the opportunity to observe them spinning their webs and balls of sticky silk, however, one learns new and nimble ways of treating thread. If one stumbles upon the spiders at just the right time, one can also gain one of the sticky balls of spider silk, which makes an excellent substitute for thread.

Abilities (Active)[]

Spider's Grove (Ability)[]

Visitors to the Spider’s Grove in the Imperial Reserve will have their Sewing Skill increased by 2 points for four days, and actually enjoy a permanent Expansion of their mastery of the Skill by a Step. They may also (if successful in a Luck/Observation Roll v. 8) find some Sticky Thread.

Unlocked by[]