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Stars Increases the Astrology Parent Skill and Stars Subskill by 1. Its difficulty level is 4.

The Stars, taught Benjameen Tertoliod, were mysterious orbs of candlelight crossing the night sky. Somehow those lights involved themselves in human affairs. Later in life, Tertoliodk came to understand that stars were made of some inexplicable material, but their effec on the lives of men and women remained the same. Even though Tertoliod is the most accurate Astrologer on record, he could never quite explain how or why the stars influenced human fates. Stars, one of the phemes Tertoliod created, was his attempt to harness the stars' destiny-writing abilites.

Difficulty: 4[]

Possible Effects[]

Spell Types[]

  • Stars (Magnitude = 6)
  • Sky (Magnitude = 3)
  • Astrology (Magnitude = 2)
  • Planets (Magnitude = 6)

Unlocked by[]