Ice is one of the most treacherous surfaces to walk upon. One needs special boots with good soles to prevent slipping. Without them, its easy to fall and embarrass oneself, or even suffer serious injury. Picture a bright sunny day. People are enjoying a refreshing walk down the street. Suddenly, the streets are covered in ice. Everyone loses their balance. They slip and fall. They shiver as the air chills. The Streets of Ice spell makes this scenario a reality. It robs everyone in a targeted clique of a point of Coordination for three days and leaves them shivering (Decreasing Composure, Concentration and Playfulness) until they can Rest. There are no Rolls requried.


  • Add Clique of Choice: Shivering (Affliction)
    • Increase Sleight-of-Hand - Composure (-1)
    • Increase Enspell - Concentration (-1)
    • Increase Sabotage - Playfullness (-1)
    • Expand Stress +1

Action Types

  • Hostile
  • Weather

Spell Types

  • Ice
  • Incantation
  • Water
  • Weather


Duration: 18

Duel: 1

Unlocked by

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