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The power of the Subtlety Pheme increases its caster's Painting, Illustration, and Art Appreciation Subskills by 1 point each. Its difficulty level is 6.

Truth be told, this Pheme does not seem to have many uses outside of its requirement in certain Art spells; even then, experiements are being conducted at substituting other Phemes in its place. Merchants are loathe to invest in literature heavy in this Pheme because of its difficulty to sell, and Orthographers rarely bother inscribing this Pheme on items. All in all, one shouldn't be too surprised to see this Pheme all but disappear within a generation or two, especially if a successful substitution is found for it in any Art spells.

Difficulty: 6


Spell Types

  • Subtlety (Magnitude = 2)
  • Illusion (Magnitude = 2)
  • Light (Magnitude = 2)

Unlocked By