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The Summons Siren spell will Increase your Gates, Beguile, Persuasion and Negotiate skills by 4 points each for five days at a time, no Rolls required. A particularly powerful casting (Intelligence/Gates Phemes Roll v. 11) might also put you in contact with a potentially useful spirit.

High Gates Master Aminþia Que’la, developed Summons Siren when she was only a child. She had no brothers or sisters, so she had to entertain herself. She spent her days in the forest outside of her small town and brought forth monsters from another realm with Summons Siren. She befriended monsters most would fear and learned to create creatures of her own.


Special Effect[]

Intelligence + Gates Phemes vs 11

Action Types[]

  • Summoning

Spell Types[]

  • Gates
  • Summoning


Duration: 30[]

Duel: -[]

Unlocked by[]

  • ?