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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 5[]

When you visit the Sweet Goods Pantry, you always have the option of leaving with more than you brought - though it's not the kind of action that goes unnoticed in a place that takes its food as seriously as the Academagia. You can palm a random Sweet without too much trouble; then, for a week or so afterward, you're a tiny bit (1%) more likely to be discovered at any illicit activity, just because members of the faculty suspect you of absconding with treats that they consider rightfully their own - and bear grudges.


Sweet Goods Pantry (Passive)[]

Visiting the Sweet Goods Pantry will give one two-point increases to Befriend, Cooking and Cooking - Baking for the duration of one's stay.

Raid the Sweet Goods Pantry (Active)[]

  • Add Random Sweets
  • Increase Chance of Discovery +1%

Unlocked By[]