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This Revision spell Decreases its target’s Library Knowledge (-2), Enspell (-2), and Concentration (-1) skills for six days at a time. There are no Rolls required.

Though the thought of Revision is that of a permanent change, there are, on occasion, temporary revisions. At times, Knowledge can be temporarily created or removed, as is the case in the Temporary Revision of Knowledge spell. As an aside, many wizards have tried to change the name of this spell over the centuries since its creation to no avail. More often than not, these wizards end up explaining this spell as “the one formerly known as Temporary Revision of Knowledge”, this opening up a dialogue as to why the spell name was changed in the first place. Eventually, all changes revert to the original, much to the chagrin of the attempted changer.


Action Type[]

  • Hostile

Spell Types[]

  • Knowledge
  • Revision


Duration: 36[]

Duel Use: 2[]

Unlocked by[]