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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 5[]

On a hill high atop Mineta Is Tertoliod's Observatory. Astrologers and anyone who enjoys stargazing have been coming here for centuries. The observatory was founded by Benjameen Tertoliod In 454, Tertoliod was noted for being a Master Astrologer and the most accurate reader of destinies on record. Emperors and nobilty sought his guidance. Tertoliod was so adept with his horoscopes and fortune telling because he was able to track the stars, moons, planets and comets and decode their secret messages. The Observatory has the most advanced telescopes In all of Choris, and the astrologers who work there are happy to show anyone how to use them. With a visit to Tertollod's Observatory, you'll learn how to Track Constellations and Comets, and you will earn a +1 Expansion to your Theory of Astrology Skill Step.

Abilities (Active)[]

Study at Tertoliod's Observatory (Ability)[]

A few hours of study at Tertoliod's Observatory will Expand a random Astrology Subskill (by 1 Step), and will improve your Astrology Study Level (assuming you're taking the Class) as well.

Track Comets (Ability)[]

During your visit to Tertoliod's Observatory, you're free to use the telescopes and the Subtle Panoptikon to Track Comets. The results are difficult to predict, but you're likely to Expand one of a number of relevant Subskills by a Step - and, if you don't, you'll at least win some sympathy (and a Relationship point) from Professor Badcrumble when you dejectedly report the results.

Re-Chart Constellations (Ability)[]

During your visit to Tertoliod's Observatory, you can make use of the equipment to update and rework your star charts, and in so doing re-center your Astrological balance and gain (for three days) a 3 point Bonus to your Choice of Action.

  • Increase Bonus to Choice of Action +3

Unlocked by[]