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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 12[]

Exploration Difficulty: 4[]

The Orrery at the Alcoh Library Planetarium is very old and astonishingly complex; over the past several decades, every new comet, every charted star, and every hidden body hinted at by astrological magics has been grafted into the system as soon as its course could be confirmed. There are literally hundreds of moving objects and possibly thousands of gears, and it's only through constant care and manipulation that the massive device seems in any way representative of the space you see outside the skies.

The Planetarium offers students hands-on experience with a domed star chart on the ceiling of the library, and is quite useful for finding the positioning of heavenly bodies.


Work on the Orrery (Active)[]

Anyone who *can* come in and help keep the thing healthy and accurate (Intelligence/Astronomy roll v. 7) is invited to do so - and can expect to gain 65 pims and a Skill Step to Clockwork, as well as to random Engineering and Enchantment Subskills.

Unlocked by[]