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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 3[]

Percy's, or more properly The Cavalryman's Club, was founded over 200 years ago by a young nobleman, Lord Percy of Arethusa. He was a great cavalryman, and led numerous battles against rival city-states. Unsurprisingly, he fell in the Battle of Thursa Fields, but he was so beloved by his aristocratic comrades that they founded a club for retired cavalry officers in Mineta in his honor. Since that time, Percy's has evolved into a gentlemen's club - largely because there aren't enough dues-paying aristocratic cavalry officers to fill its coffers.

Of course, whlle it may once have been a noble place, most people today view Percy's as a nest of poorly-behaved, idle rich brats.



Sing Rude Songs[]

If your Voice skill is up to the standards of the Cavalryman's Club (Charm/Voice v. 5), you can Sing Rude Songs, earning 20 pims and 1 Step of Wit a go.

Teach Barnyard Animals to Dance in the Library[]

During your visit to Percy's, you can Teach Barnyard Animals to Dance in the Library, earning yourself 1 Step Expansions to Animal Husbandry, Library Knowledge, and Leadership.


Stay at Percy's[]

Simply visiting Percy's will grant you 1 point Increases to Playfulness and Satyric Revelry for the duration of your stay.

Unlocked by[]