Region: Academagia

Chance of Discovery: 0


The Cold Room (Passive)

Visitors to The Cold Room gain one point of Willpower and one point of Endurance for the duration of their stay.

Send Forth the Night Terrors (Active)

Visitors can use the Room to Send forth the Night Terrors against their enemies (with a successful Intelligence/Command v. 8 Roll), bringing down 2 points of Stress and a 1 Step Courage loss with absolute certainty that the attack will never be traced back to its source.

Visit the Spirits (Active)

Well-meaning visitors to The Cold Room can Visit the Spirits, gaining 1 Step of Etiquette and one of a dozen random effects (ranging from Stress relief to random Skill Expansion to information about a Location in the school to Stress gain to the gift of an Item).

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