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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

The shop gets its name because it's literally at the corner of a Minetan street - the west side of Temple Street, where it intersects with Harrowing Road. The corner Tailor is quite expensive, but it's the best place to find out about fashion trends and the most pleasing new styles. The owner's not so well-kept secret is that he is a reputable Glamour user. His vestments are enchanted, so they'll sure be to impress. He doesn't mind talking about his trade. The Corner Tailor is not only fashionable, it's also educational.


The Corner Tailor (Active)[]

A visit to the Corner Tailor will Increase your Courtly Fashion and Theory of Glamour skills by 2 points each for three days.

Milliner (Passive)[]

The Milliner Ability Increase Court Hairstyles (+5), Courtly Fashion (+4), Sewing (+3), and Art (+3).

Shoe Lasts (Passive)[]

Shoe Lasts Increase Sewing, Coordination, and Artisan by 5 each.

Eye for Fashion (Passive)[]

If you're in possession of Sewing Tools and Scissors, Eye for Fashion Increases your Sewing (+3), Awareness and Observation (+4), and Courtly Fashion (+6).

Unlocked By[]