The Dance of Fools


This event used to be triggered on the Dance of Fools holiday in the fourth week of Pramidi, it is now replaced by the mini-adventure The Dance of Fools (Adventure). Unless you're playing without the DLC that added the Dance of Fools Adventure (not sure which one added it), this event will no longer trigger.


1. Planning vs 9 - You're not much of a designer. Isn't there an easier way to make a costume?

Success - Unlock option 3, select another option.
Failure - No effect, select another option.

2. Sewing vs 6 - Heck yes, you'll enter—and make your own costume too!

Success - Sewing +1 SS, +50 Pims.
Failure - Stress +1, learn Sewing

3. Scouting vs 3 - Go down to the theatre and see if you can find a costume.

Success - +50 Pims
Failure - Navigation -1 SS, learn Scouting.

4. No... just, no.

Automatic - Awareness +1 SS, Playfulness -1 SS
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