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The Dazzler Sword Increases your skill at Enchant by 2. It also functions as a weapon, just like any other Long Sword, allowing you to do 3 points of close-range damage to a Rival if your Brute Strength is up to the task.

The blade is a beautiful golden colour and the hilt shines with two ruby eyes at the nape set in silver. There are strange inscriptions running up the blade and when you touch it you feel a sense of power.


The Dazzler Sword (Passive)

Swing Longsword (Active)

  • Damage (3) Choice of Rival
  • Fitness/Brute Strength v. ? Roll required

Item Information

Type Hand
Durability: Durable (27)
Size: 0
Concealability: 1
Worth: 700

Recipe Information

Quality: 4

Enchant Skill


Obtained from

  • Random Event