The Diakopi


This event is automatically triggered on the Diakopi, a holiday in the second week of Anedius.


1. Carpentry vs 4 - Participate in the parade with a special float for your friend.

Success - Familiar/Bond of Stars +1 SS, Carpentry +1 SS, Familiar Kinship +1 SS
Failure - Carpentry -1 SS

2. Famous Poetry vs 4 - Write an ode.

Success - Famous Speeches +1 SS, Familiar/Bond of Stars +1 Skill Level, Familiar Kinship +1 SS
Failure - Famous Speeches -1 SS

3. Who are you kidding? You weren't planning to give this idiot rock anything. (requires: pet rock)

Automatic - Willpower +1 SS, Stress +1
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