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The Drake's Riddle[]

As you walk through the bestiary, a water drake in a nearby pen challanges you to a mathematical riddle.

It promises you a prize if you can figure it out, but water drakes can be tricky creatures. If you anger it, something bad is sure to happen.


1.Politely refuse the offer.

Automatic: ?

2. Flattery vs 3 at least - Try to flatter the drake into giving you a hint.

Success: Unlock option 4, choose another option.
Failure: No effect, select another option.

3. Arithmetic vs 4 - Agree to the challange.

Success: Gain item 'Drake's Feather'.
Failure: ?

4. Beguile vs 2 - Call the drake's bluff.

Success: Gain item 'Drake's Feather', Character Study +1 SS
Failure: ?