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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Chance of discovery: 2[]

Here's a story: a very long time ago, an Emperor's daughter, Isla, fell in love with a young fisherman named Usin. When her father had the fisherman killed for aspiring above his station, she renounced her inheritance, built a palace in her lost love's honor, and arranged to have the entire edifice sunk into the Ten Swans Lake after her own death. Of course, according to the staff at the Academagia, most historians belleve that Usin was a general, Isla was impatient for power, and her older sister commanded people who were very, very good at Incantation - good-bye, rebel palace. But, of course, the Instructors at the Academagia Iike telling storles that make wizards look good and politicians look bad. You have to take what they say with a grain of salt, too.


Wander the Shore of Ten Swans Lake (Passive)[]

If you're not a swimmer, you can still take in the scene at the shore, and Increase Romance and Storytelling by two points during the stay.

Explore the Sunken Palace (Active)[]

With a successful Fitness/Swimming Roll (v. 4), you can explore the most easlly accessed parts of the ruins and thereby Expand Archaeology and Swimming Subskills by I Step each per visit.

Event: Fighting the Gusafsra[]

An event is triggered the first time that you explore the sunken palace that involves a fight with a Gudafsra that defends the area.

  • 1. Actually no.  You came for a swim.  Swimming isn't worth fighting an undead monster.
 Automatic: -1 Courage SS
  • 2. Incantation .  Underwater undead thing?  Try fire. (Roll v. ≤ at most 8)
 Success: +1 Courage SS
 Failure: -2 vitality, +1 Courage SS

Unlocked by[]