Academagia Wiki

Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Bridging the gaps between domains, the Dueling Bridge stands for so much more. It also bridges the gap of generations. Since the construction within the early days of the Empire, this bridge came to be known as Dueling for a rather unusual past time. Duels - to the death or not - were waged here by countless heroes and those whose names history has forgotten. There's an aura here that releases the fighting spirit of all who breathe it in. Once you step foot on the Dueling Bridge, things start happening!


The Duelling Bridge (Passive)[]

Those who visit this location will note increases (+1) to their Duel Skill and their Dueling Circles and Dueling Forms subskills, but only for as long as they remain at this site.

Unlocked By[]