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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Chance of Discovery: 13[]

This Rimbal pitch was originally known - and widely celebrated - as the Field in the Clouds; a handful of wizards with a common grudge and some deep knowledge of Negation magic changed all that. The Fleld is now barely suspended above a very deep ravine by ropes and by improvised magic, and is deemed unsafe for professional use - however, at least some of the enchantments originally scattered into the soil to help players compete in the dark and in the upper atmosphere are still in place, and anyone who dares to practice among them stands a chance of learning a thing or two.


Play at The Fallen Field (Active)[]

Practicing Rimbal at The Fallen Field Expands Perception and Rimbal Tactics by 1 point each, and Expands Stress by 1 point.

Unlocked by[]