Region: The City of Minetia

Chance of Discovery: 2

The Fires of Creation is a small, expensive tavern founded by Aliviera Battori - apparently a former Regent of College Godina. The place caters to a slightly disreputable crowd, bu there are iron rules against customers harming or threatening one another, and everyone seems respectful (or afraid) enough of the mysterious Lady of the House to obey.


Work as an Incantationist Bodyguard (Active)

A skilled practitioner of Incantation magic (Incantation Parent Skill greater or equal to 8) can reliably find bodyguarding work through the grapevine at the Fires of Creation - that automatically gets you 25 pims and a point of Stress. That said, on a successful Insight/Danger Sense Roll v. 7, you can take point in keeping your client in one piece, earning yourself another 75 pims and a Step in Observation.

On successful Insight/Danger Sense Roll v. 7

Talk to People at the Fires of Creation (Active)

Alternatively, you can just hang out and talk to other wizards, gaining 1 Step in both Intigue and a random Incantation subskill.

Unlocked By:

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