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Region: Imperial Reserve[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Type: Discoverable[]

Exploration Difficulty: 17[]

The Forest of Broken Pines is a long hike from the Academy, and it has a reputation that doesn't encourage seeking it out. It's filled with bandits, cursed by old, bad magics, and vulnerable to terrible, magical storms. It's a place to test your skills, to be sure, but not a comfortable one.


The Forest of Broken Pines (Passive)[]

Visitors to the Forest of Broken Pines enjoy 1 point Increases to Perception, Danger Sense and Intrigue for the duration of their stay.

Explore the Forest of Broken Pines (Active)[]

Explorers can tease out some of the Forest of Pines' secrets, so long as their Familiars stay alert for danger - at the cost of 2 points of Stress, an explorer will gain 1 Step Expansions to Navigation, Wilderness Survival, and Familiar Kinship, and his or her Familiar will gain 1 Step of Danger Sense.

Unlocked By[]