Region: Imperial Reserve

Chance of Discovery: 1

Type: Discoverable

Exploration Difficulty: 17

The Forest of Broken Pines is a long hike from the Academy, and it has a reputation that doesn't encourage seeking it out. It's filled with bandits, cursed by old, bad magics, and vulnerable to terrible, magical storms. It's a place to test your skills, to be sure, but not a comfortable one.


The Forest of Broken Pines (Passive)

Visitors to the Forest of Broken Pines enjoy 1 point Increases to Perception, Danger Sense and Intrigue for the duration of their stay.

Explore the Forest of Broken Pines (Active)

Explorers can tease out some of the Forest of Pines' secrets, so long as their Familiars stay alert for danger - at the cost of 2 points of Stress, an explorer will gain 1 Step Expansions to Navigation, Wilderness Survival, and Familiar Kinship, and his or her Familiar will gain 1 Step of Danger Sense.

Unlocked By

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