Region: Academagia

Chance of Discovery: 1


The Grand Forge of the Academagia

Increase Material Knowledge (+1) for 1 day

Increase Magical Appraisal (+1) for 1 day

Smelting Furnace

Can only be used when Courage =>5 and one needs a Bar Mold and a Master Workstation.

Extract Metal from Ore

Increase Metallurgy (+4)

Forge Hearth

Can only be used if one has tongs and anvil. Used to make metal mallable

Increase Metallurgy skill (+2)

Increase Forge skill (+2)

Glassblowing Workshop

Increase Artisan (+3)

Increase Art (+2)

Professor Leith's Expertise

Increase Artisan (+1)

Increase Jeweller (+1)

Increase Armorer (+1)

Increase Weaponsmith (+1)

Increase Enchant (+1)

Increase Engineering (+1)

Jeweler's Workshop

Must have Jewelers Picks or Ruckmarn Jewelers Picks

Increase Jeweler (+3)

Increase Metallurgy (+2)

Increase Creativity (+2)

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