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Region: Academagia

Chance of Discovery: 0

Preparing at the Great Gates of the Academagia will increase one's Oratory Skill by 2 points for the duration of one's stay.

Every morning, as the first rays of the sun caress the gates, the guards announce the arrival of day and the opening of the school to visitors. There is a ritual formula that must be said before the gates may be opened, and no matter how many times one hears the announcement of the school's opening, one cannot fail to be moved by the stirring words combined with the visual scene. Come rain or shine, the guards know the exact time that the sunlight should hit the gates, and thus when to say the lines; as this time is well before breakfast is served, anyone can attend without worry of skipping a class or missing a meal.


Preparation at the Great Gates (Passive)

Unlocked by