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Region: Academagia[]

Chance of Discovery: 5[]

Exploration Difficulty: 7[]

The lovely lyrist Henna Ilyon once put on a fundraiser for the Academagia's music department and raised more money than any private citizen had ever raised for the school before. A 'mere' 10% of the money she helped raise went to the lavish decorations that line this room's walls, ceiling, and floor. The wooden concert chairs are inlaid with fine carvings of Volnauge, which require lead-filled legs to keep down on the ground. Gold and silver line the stage, though not a fleck of the precious metal decorates any other surface for fear of ruining the building's lovely acoustics. Instead, carved wooden panels are set into the walls and covered with sheets of the thinnest, finest glass available; the glass has been frosted over slightly, an effect that isn't noticed until one is halfway across the room from them, which gives the room a comforting yet otherwordly look. Many people report feeling as if they are drifting in to the clouds when the combination of partly-floating chairs, frosted glass, and wonderful music come together.


The Henna Ilyon Music Room (Passive)[]

This location provides perfect inspiration for musical performances, giving anyone who visits a 2 point Increase to Music for the duration of his or her stay.

Steal Gold Ornaments (Active)[]

If you are criminally inclined, with a Finesse/Conceal Roll v. 13, you can snatch a Gold Ingot as you leave the Henna Ilyon Room.

  • Add Gold Ingot
  • Add Memory "You stole some gold from the Henna Ilyon Room."


  • Research Topic - Music
    • At level 10: Expand Insight +1

Unlocked By:[]