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Region: City of Mineta[]

Exploration Difficulty: 10[]

Discovery Chance: 3[]

The dynamic that exists between the poets and the audience at Gornovin's House of Poetry is one of tough love, which is to say that the audience loves to hear good poetry: behind the scenes, however, is an entirely different story. While the audience members and poets enjoy a relationship based on love and poetry, among themselves, the poets enjoy a relationship that consists more of smiling faces and concealed verbal knives.

Each poet wishes that his rivals would step up and fall miserably, thus making more room for his or her own poetry to shine. These wishes are not confined merely to the mental realm, however; the backstage area is little more than one huge trapped area of funny jokes that are meant to throw a person off their poetic game. Simply observing the 'fun' that happens here is enough to potentially teach you a few new tricks: how you use that knowledge is then up to you.


Putting Down Because You Love (Active)[]

Visiting the House Made of Words is free; working the satire from a spot backstage will give a person Expansions (1 Step each) in Teasing and Diction!

Unlocked by[]