The Latest Rumor
Prerequisites : Relationship with Antonio 3+, any familiar except Pamela, Ana Flavia Bessa must still be cursed...
Begin Date : Veranix 22
End Date : Kaliri 28
Days : Unknown
ModTools Name : Dancing with Badcrumble
Roll Levels : Unknown
Automatic Benefits : Unknown
Possible Benefits : Unknown
This is an adventure with Antonio de Reyez e Irizarry-Vargas in which the hero gets to defend the school against an ancient curse.

The adventure takes at least 5 sessions, a successful adventure can gain multiple skill-ups, relationship gains, and a point of Intelligence.

Unlocked by: Relationship with Antonio over 3

Stage 1: The Latest Rumor

Phase 1: Catching Noemia

  • Tell him you'll tell everyone you hear talking about it the actual truth.
Automatic:  access Stage 2
  • Ooo, a new rumor to spread!
Automatic:  expand Tease +1 SS, access Stage 2

Stage 2: Another Down

Success:  expand Theory of Revision +1 SS, access Stage 3
Failure:  ?
  • Playfulness.  There's only one thing to do...draw all over Joana's face with ink! (roll v. ?)
Success:  ?
Failure:  ?

Stage 3: Collapse

  • Voice.  Shout for help.  (roll v. ≤29)
Success: ?
Failure: ?
  • Revision Spells.  Reviving Wellness!  Reviving Wellness!  (roll v. ≤23)
Success:  expand Field Medicine +1 SS, access Stage 4
Failure:  ?
  • Field Medicine.  Try to figure out what exactly is wrong with him.  (roll v. ≤22)
Success:  expand Dispassion & Reason +1 SS each, access Stage 4
Failure:  ?

Stage 4: The Sickness Spreads

Phase 1: The Request

  • You don't want anyone to be sick. You'll keep working on this.
Automatic:  go to Phase 2
  • This is...a bit over your head.  You're not sure you want to be involved in this anymore.  You don't want to get sick.
Automatic:  ?

Phase 2: Library Break

  • Quietly put the book back on the shelf, and try to grab it another day.
Automatic:  ?
  • Language.  Bedazzle your professor with your knowledge of the secret language of the satyrs until he lets you leave.  (roll v. 16)
Success:  ?
Failure:  ?
  • Move Silently.  Sneak out the other way before he notices you.  You'll have to be very, very quiet.  (roll v. 25)
Success:  expand Hide +1 SS, go to Phase 3
Failure:  Reprimanded by Tarvixio Sido, pause Adventure

Phase 3: Old Curses

  • Negation.  Try negating the feathers.  (roll v. ≤22)
Success:  ?
Failure:  ?
  • Brute Strength.  Try yanking off one of the feathers.  (roll v. ≤20)
Success:  ?
Failure:  ?
  • Birds.  Well, you can...figure out what sort of bird feathers he has, you guess.  (roll v. ≤16)
Success:  expand Danger Sense +1 SS, go to Phase 4
Failure:  ?

Phase 4: That Old Spell

  • Negation.  Time to cast this thing.  (roll v. ≤22)
Success:  expand Theory of Revision & History of Magic & Phemes +1 SS each, Relationship with Antonio de Reyez e Irizarry-Vargas +1, go to Phase 5
Failure:  ?

Phase 5: Trouble!

  • Etiquette.  Just apologize five million times and hope that it's enough.  (roll v. ~16)
Success:  ?
Failure:  ?

  • Beguile.  Well, technically, you didn't know you were in any danger.  People get turned into animals all the time here at Academagia, right?  (roll v. ~17)
Success:  +1 Coordination?  +1 Wit?
Failure:  Reprimanded by Polisena Briardi, access Stage 5?

Stage 5: The Latest News

Phase 1: Mr Modesty

  • 1. Be that as it may...
Automatic:  expand Intelligence +1, Maximum Relationship with Antonio de Reyez e Irizarry-Vargas +1, Relationship with Antonio de Reyez e Irizarry-Vargas +2, conclude Adventure
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