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Region: Imperial Reserve[]

Chance of Discovery: 10[]

A few rooms down from the Imperial War Room is the domain of the Ministry of Substitution and Transposition - now more playfully known as the Imperial Code Breakers’ Annex.  The men and women of the Bright Line program were first assembled to help the generals understand captured documents during the Mandevies Rebellion.  Caught with their armies on the wrong islands, the generals needed to know where to send their transports next in order to save the season’s crops from being burned; were that to happen, the fledgling Empire of Man may have crumbled and died an untimely death.  Thanks to the efforts of the first 15 Imperial Code Breakers, though, the captured information was deciphered and led to the generals deploying troops to the right islands.  Most of the rebels were killed, stopping the Mandevies Rebellion cold in one fell swoop.  The Emperor decided to leave this room ready for the next need; each time it is used, it is left in a condition where it can be started up again right away.  The large sign on the door stating ‘Code Breakers Only’ doesn’t really deter anyone.   


The Ministry of Substitution and Transposition (Active)[]

A visit to the open vaults (note: they're not particularly open) of the Ministry of Substitution and Transposition will allow you access to the records of bygone Imperial Code Breakers, and help you to expand a random History Subskill, as well as Puzzles, Filing and Bureaucracy, by 1 skill step each. You have a 1 in 10 chance of being discovered, so don't push your luck too often.

Unlocked By[]