The Amulet Increases Strategy by 1 and Mastery Methods by 3. It also has the Mind Blast Ability which gives an opponent 3 hits of Damage (at the cost of 1 point of Stress to the user).

The Mushroom Sprite Queen's famed amulet of Mind Magic makes her already considerable mind powers even greater. It is made of a green, tarnished metal, encrusted with black onyx jewels that form a star shape across the front. On the back is written as a golden inscription 'Sophus Potestas,' or 'power of mind.'


Item Type


Durability Type: Durable

Durability: 8

Size: 0

Concealability: 0

Worth: 900

Recipe Information

Quality: 3

Enchant Skill: War

Gained From

  • Familiar: Making the Rounds of the Academy (Familiar - Rat Adventure)
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