This is an adventure with Neta Xemutre in it Neta is sick of being chased by boys and needs your help to get them to leave her alone.

The adventure takes at least 6 sessions, a successful adventure can gain multiple skill-ups, relationship gains with Neta, a magical item and a point of Intelligence or Charm.

Unlocked by:  Relationship with Neta over 5

Stage 1: The Object of Desire

Phase 1: Neta's Approach

  • 1. Freedom from the Oglers
 Automatic: Advance to Phase 2

Phase 2: Ditching the Pack

  • 1. Ignore her request
 Automatic: ?

  • 2. Befriend.  No one should be hounded like Neta is at the moment. You decide to help.  (Roll v. ≤ at most 21)
 Success: +1 relationship Neta, access Stage 2.
 Failure: ?

  • 3. Observation.  Follow Neta and her entourage and keep your eyes open.  (Roll v. ≤ at most 22)
 Success: Unlock option 4, choose again.
 Failure: ?

  • 4.  Glamour Phemes.  Scare of her "fans" for the time being.  (Roll v. ≤ at most 21
 Success: +1 Romance SS, access Stage 2.
 Failure: ?

Stage 2: Neta's Boy Problems

  • 1. Diplomacy.  Fabricate a secret admirer. (Roll v. ≤ at most 22)
 Success: ? access stage 3.
 Failure: ?

  • 2. Practical Jokes.  Beat those boys down! (Roll v. ≤ at most 20)
 Success: +1 Practical Jokes SS, access stage 3.
 Failure: ?

  • 3. Plot.  Brainstorm Ideas! (Roll v. ≤ at most 21)
 Success: +15 chance of success, choose again
 Failure: ?

Stage 3: The Practical Side of Jokes

  • 1. Flawless Timing.  Just deserts.  Get that pudding ready.  (Roll v. ≤ at most 21)
 Automatic: +?

  • 2. Plot.  Come up with another option  (Roll v. ≤ at most 21)
 Success: +?
 Failure: ?

  • 3. Worms.  Wriggly bed sheets.  Fill the boys' beds with worms.  (Roll v. ≤ 13)
 Success: +1 Worms SS, +1 Practical Jokes SS, access Stage 4.
 Failure: ?

  • 4. Animal Husbandry.  Chicken Chase!  Let some hens loose in the boys' dorm rooms. (Roll v. ≤ 28)
 Success: +? , access to stage 4.
 Failure: ?

Stage 4: Deflection

  • 1. Hang on.  Rikildis is actually a friend of yours!  (Roll v. ≤?)
 Automatic: ?

  • 2. Conversation.  Stop Rikildis on her way to bed.  Maybe is she's too distracted from the day's events she won't think anything is up.  (Roll v. ≤ at most 21)
 Success: ? access stage 5
 Failure: ?

  • 3. Observation.  Take your time and observe Rikildis.  (Roll v. ≤ 23)
 Success: unlock option 5, choose again
 Failure: ?

  • 4. Conversation.  Stop Rikildis on her way to breakfast.  Hopefully she'll be too sleepy to notice anything odd. (Roll v. ≤ 22)
 Success: ?
 Failure: ?

  • 5. Knowing that Rikildis has that amulet certainly puts a damper on your plans.  You explain the situation to Neta and she looks downcast.  You point out that at least she didn't waste the time and get her hopes up for nothing.  She agrees and sighs.  On the the next plan!
 Automatic: Access stage 5.

Stage 5: A Change in Strategy

  • 1. Character Study.  Go with a more psychological approach and have Neta act ugly.   (Roll v. ≤ 24)
 Success: ?
 Failure: ?

  • 2. Reason.  Make Neta look like a slob.  This might be the toughest one, since Neta doesn't like to be dirty.  (Roll v. ≤ 22)
 Success: ?
 Failure: ?

  • 3. Interrogation.  Hold a surprise interrogation of the boys to find out just what it is that they like so much.  (Roll v. ≤ at least 16)
 Success: unlock option 4, choose again.
 Failure: choose again

  • 4. Persuasion.  Chop off Neta's hair.  Easy - but make sure she's definitely up for it before you make the first cut!    (Roll v. ≤ 37)
 Success: ? access to stage 6.
 Failure: ?

Stage 6: A Spring of Last Resort

Phase 1: The Centaur

  • 1. Negotiate.  Try and fast talk the centaur.  This is going to be hard with him rushing towards you!  (Roll v. ≤ 21)
 Success: advance to phase 2
 Failure: pause adventure

Phase 2: The Spring

  • 1. Brute Strength.  It's going to take all your strength but you have to try to pull her out!  (Roll v. ≤ at most 15)
 Success: Gain Aura of Cemoros Ring, +2 relationship Neta, conclude adventure.
 Failure: ?

  • 2. Observation.  Look around for the source of the glittering light.  (Roll v. ≤ 23)
 Success: ? unlock option 4, choose again.
 Failure: +1 stress, choose again

  • 3. Observation.  Take a closer look at the glittering light.  (Roll v. ≤ 23)
 Success: ? unlock option 5, choose again
 Failure: +1 stress, choose again

  • 4. Willpower.  You dive into the water reaching for the stone. (Roll v. ≤ at most 24)
 Success: +1 Intelligence, gain Aura of Cemoros Ring, +2 relationship Neta, conclude adventure.
 Failure: ?

  • 5. Magical Appraisal.  You cast the wind charm and a gust of wind erupts from your wand slamming into the glittering light.  The light disperses and you help Neta out of the water quickly. (Roll v. ≤ at most 23)
 Success: +1 Charm, gain Aura of Cemoros Ring, +2 relationship Neta, conclude adventure. 
 Failure: ?
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