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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Not too far from Vernin Tower, alongside a few gently crumbling stone walls, is a large board made of stained oak and magically preserved cork. For as long as anyone could remember, it's been a place where Vernin students could place advertisements offering their artistic services, or put up notes asking for special supples. Unsurprisingly, love notes, poems, and really bad jokes have found homes there as well.

Still, what may be most interesting of all are the old clippings and reviews of the Vernin projects of generations gone by.

Passive Effects[]

Visiting the Old Vernin Message Board will Increase your Gossip and Society skills by 1 point each for the duration of your stay.


You can also volunteer to Help on a Vernin Project, earning 20 pims and a 1 point Expansion to your Relationship with a random Vernin student - and also earning, on a successful Insight/Artisan Roll v. 7 a point in your Relationship with Professor Glovanni di Lucca Alazzo.

Unlocked by:[]